What is radon and how does it affect me?

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is oderless, tasteless and invisible. However, it can be a serious health and safety issue. It is a radioactive gas that can cause breathing and lung issues as well as causing cancer in some individuals. Everyone who is buying a home should request a radon test. The test is usually conducted by an inspector and consists of placing a radon detecting box in the basement or lowest level of the house for 48 hours. The results are read and a report is sent to the person who requested the test. Readings above a 4 are cause for concern, especially if the buyers will be spending a great deal of time in the basement or particularly if they have small children.

The most common way to correct a high radon issue is to have a radon mitigation system installed. This is usually at the expense of the seller. They range in price from $800 – $1200 for a standard system but can be more depending on the amount of work needed to install the system. The basic procedure involves drilling a hole into the foundation and installing a fan and pipe system to direct the radon out of the house. Most radon mitigation companies have a guarantee that their systems will correct the problem. You should always ask if their system comes with a guarantee. If it doesn’t, find another company.

So as you can see, radon is nothing to be taken lightly. However, the good news is that it is a relatively simple fix.

Here is a link to simple explanations and illustrated renderings about radon:


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